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Operations & Project Management

About Our Expertise

Our significant experience in purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, logistics and supply chain management, makes us experts in the field. In the last four years, we completed nine operations management assignments for Rolls-Royce suppliers across the UK, Germany, Israel and the USA.

We have managed major projects of up to £4m budget. With a wealth of experience in project management, we possess expertise in overseeing complex initiatives from conception to completion, ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. We will optimize your project workflows, drive efficiency, mitigate risks, and maximize team productivity all whilst utilising agile methodologies and leveraging innovative tools.

The Team

Stuart spent 42 years at Rolls-Royce. Operations Manager with significant Purchasing, Programme Management, Manufacturing Engineering and Supply Chain Management experience. Ability to command and earn the respect of a multi-disciplinary group of managers, professionals, staff and shop floor personnel. Has led global teams worldwide at major suppliers to deliver restructuring programmes, change initiatives, implementation of process improvements and most recently to expedite parts delivery in crisis mode. To date completed 9 assignments: 5 in the UK, 1 in Germany, 1 in Israel and 2 in the USA.

Marta spent almost 10 years working at Rolls-Royce. During that time Marta successfully managed high-profile client projects on a range of complexities and budgets from £500k to £4m using a waterfall and agile methodology. She gained significant international experience managing suppliers based in the UK, USA, France and Japan. Led eight cross-functional teams in purchasing, designing, manufacturing and validating components for a large engine programme. In 2022 Marta was responsible for delivering Model Based Systems Engineering capabilities for Defence Future Programmes with over £3m budget. In 2022, Marta joined CEVA Logistics and successfully oversaw implementation of a new logistics contract for the provisions of global air and ground parts transport, first parts warehouse set up, stock transfer and transition to operations.

In 2017 Marta completed a Green Belt Accreditation and in 2020 she became a Chartered Project Professional.

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