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Refurb underway!

Office makeover

We are closed for business while we revamp our office space!

We are now closed for business until mid-March😲

I know it is sad news, but the reasons are very exciting. We are refurbishing the office and the breakfast room ahead of high season not only to make the property more energy efficient, but also to ensure comfort and beauty for our guests and clients:)

The progress in one week has been astonishing and we can already see the place taking shape, not without hiccups though.

As the work on the office progressed, we moved our attention to the wooden panel on the side that needed replacing. To our surprise, we discovered an old window (probably from the 70s) behind it! It is decision time now…do we fix the wall and replace the cladding or do we replace the window to have a larger one???

Watch this space for more updates:)